How to make the perfect hard boiled eggs

This may look like a bit of a bo liao (nothing better to do) post.  Actually it’s just because I want to play with iMovie, heh.

You must be thinking how difficult can it be to make hard boiled eggs?  Just dump the egg in water, boil for a long long time and you get hard boiled egg!  At least that was what I use to do…


(picture of eggs taken from

I was google-ing for images of overcooked eggs (to prove my point of making a ‘just-right’ cooked egg) and I came across this perfect illustration.

You might notice the yolk turns grey-ish on the circumference, which is not aesthetically appealing. There is a scientific reason for this, but I will explain it in another post, in case I bore those who are anxiously waiting to know just how to make a damn good pretty egg.


Doesn’t the perfectly cooked hard boiled egg just make the bowl of laksa even more enticing?

Step 1: Put egg in a pot and fill with cold water, or room temperature (NO hot water!), till it covers the egg.  Add a pinch of salt.
Step 2: Bring the water to a boil.
Step 3: When it comes to a boil, turn off the fire.  Cover the pot for 15 minutes (Don’t cheat! Be patient and you will be rewarded).
Step 4: Prepare a bowl of ICE water.  When the 15 minutes is up, take out the egg and soak in the ice water for 1-2 minutes.

Alternatively, you can put the eggs in a kettle, fill the kettle with cold water, press the button and wait for the water to boil.  Then follow steps 3 and 4.

Came across something interesting while I was doing my research – How to make heart-shaped egg


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