Fish Bee Hoon Soup


When I used to work at Biopolis (and am returning back there soon, so excited), we used to go for fish bee hoon soup or san lou hor fun at Holland Drive. But one day we went there and they were gone!  And I have no idea where they moved to.

I remembered someone mentioned to me that they moved to Ghim Moh. But no, they moved to Dover. One of our couple friends brought us there for dinner just a couple of days back. Makan place lost and found!

It was exactly the same texture and taste, except for that night their cooking wine was like free! The soup had so much alcohol inside it was almost unbearable to drink the soup. And we ordered the soup without XO. Can you imagine what it would be like if it was with XO?

Also had their hong kong kai lan and har cheong gai. They were not bad!  Quite delicious actually.

Why I love this fish bee hoon?  Their soup is very different from normal fish bee hoon we find in food courts, where the soup is usually very thin.

There was a period of time I would eat fish bee hoon EVERYDAY – because it always smell so good, but no satisfaction when you eat it. Mostly because the texture of the soup is very thin.  Since then I have stopped eating fish bee hoon, and I am not enticed to eat it at all, because it always end with disappointment.

But this stall is different.  Their soup is so creamy and thick (kind of reminded me of the Melben Crab Bee Hoon, which is to die for), leaves a sense of satisfaction after eating. Yummy!

Though the alcohol was overpowering that night, it triggered the memory of how the soup used to taste.  It just makes me crave for more soup.

Apparently the western food at the same coffee shop is quite hype. Should try it some time.

Dover Coffee Hub
Blk 19A Dover Crescent Singapore 131019


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