Black curry? Go! Go!

You would have heard, seen or eaten Japanese curry. Usually a light brown sweet sauce, with onions and carrots inside it. However, it is not common to see black curry.

Well, dark brown. Hidden at the basement food hall in ION Orchard is Go! Go! Curry.
You can check out their website.

First good thing about this place is, dedicated seating area, so you don’t have to search and fight for one. They share seating area with the neighboring stall.
Beside it is huhu.Udon. I really like the way they name their shops, so adorable.

Don’t bother with the individual servings if you are dining as couple or in a group. Just get the Grand Slam, which can feed 2 people.
A normal single serving cost already $12.50.  For just $18.50 (that’s just $6 more), you get 2 servings of white rice, topped with generous amount of yummy curry sauce. There is a piece of crispy chicken and pork katsu each. One egg, 2 small sausages and one breaded prawn. Not to mention the huge mountain of shredded raw cabbage.
It puzzles me why they serve only one prawn instead of 2. But strictly speaking they didn’t mention it is for 2 people, and I suppose it is a large serving for a huge eater!

Never fails to satisfy my palate.

They have cute bowls for kids (and the young at heart).  Yes, I ate from this bowl.


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