1st World Country, 3rd World Citizens

I am taking a course on writing gracefully and clearly, so I am going to attempt to put my knowledge to good use.

Whenever I take public transport, especially Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), I get very ticked off and upset.  I am amazed at how people can be so inconsiderate and bo chap (indifferent) towards things happening around them.

The first incident that ticked me off was this 'monkey' boy.  He is obviously not tall enough to reach the dangling handle and had to tip-top.  He insisted on grabbing the handle with both hands and so he was dangling in the air.  The movement of the train caused him to swing around.  Can you imagine what the people sitting in front of him must have felt?  I swear at one point in time the boy must have hit the man and/or woman sitting down in front of him. 

I had half a mind to ask the boy "Are you a monkey?". The train is not a tree for you to swing around.  If you want, please go to the zoo or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and you can swing all you want with the monkeys.

The second incident that made me very furious was at City Hall MRT station.  I was queuing for the General Ticketing Machine (GTM) to refund my ticket deposit.  There are 3 machines – I was queuing for the left one, and there was an elderly tourist couple (probably from Hong Kong) at the center machine.  There were quite a number of (oblivious) people around.  The couple was obviously struggling with using the machine, and they struggled for a couple of minutes.  No one, not even the couple behind them who were happily chatting away, bothered to offer some help.  I left my queue and approached the couple, which they declined my help (as if too proud to accept any).

So I lost my queue, and I re-queued for the machine on the right.  2 Middle Eastern tourists approached me this time, and asked how they could purchase tickets for the MRT.  Since it was my turn in the queue, I helped them buy the tickets before doing my refund.  After I passed them their tickets, the next person behind me immediately wanted to chiong (rush) in front of me.  I have not even move away from the machine!

What happen to being courteous?  When you see people in need, help them!  When it is not your turn, wait!


New shoes!


Bought this pair of heels from Mitju. Totally love it!

Robbed by monkey(s)

I was having dinner back at my parents’ place. My sister suddenly appeared at the door and announced that her house has been broken into.

Of course we had a big shock. She said she found the candies on her coffee table were eaten, and the thieve threw the wrappers on the floor. After some discussion, we concluded it must be the monkeys!

Huh, monkeys?!  *puzzled*

Let me explain. My sister stay in the RainTree condominium, which is situated right next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. And I really mean RIGHT NEXT TO. From her balcony, you can observe the monkeys swinging on the trees, bats flying around, cyclists and bikers. That is how close her unit is to the nature reserve. It is probably about 20-30 meters from her block to the nature reserve.

Though it is very close, it is difficult for the monkey to access her unit, because she isn’t staying in the first floor, and there is nothing for the monkey to grip on and climb up. She has been staying there for over a year and never once has the monkey broken in before.

Well, obviously it took one year for the monkeys to learn how to break into the condo.

If you observe carefully, you can see footprints on the coffee table. We looked around the house and saw lots of footprints! The monkey came in from the balcony into the living room, had some candies and biscuits.  Then it walked to the dining room and jumped up the dining table.  Fortunately it did not topple anything.

Funny thing is my sister has a dog, and the dog didn’t looked like he saw something odd.  I suspect the monkey must have gave the dog some of the loot to bribe him!

I guess it was a blessing in disguise that my sister locked the dog in the kitchen with the fence.  (If you think it is cruel, well it isn’t.  The kitchen is the mosty windy part of the house, and it is connected to the service yard.  There is plenty of space to walk around, water and food.  And he is not locked up by a door, but by the doggy fence.)  If the dog was wondering in the house, the monkey might have attacked the dog.  And thankfully for the dog, the monkey did not wander into the bedrooms, probably escaped when it heard the dog barking.

Baby lizard hitches a ride

This is the second time a baby lizard tried to hitch a ride from my ride.

The first lizard clang on to my side mirror. This lizard stuck itself on the windscreen.

It must have clang on to the car for its dear life while I was driving. Must be one hell of a ride for the lizard!